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Update 10/1/08
Stand up!

[EDIT]wellllll, before i forget, the purikura book is going good so far, we have gathered a number of members too! but don't forget to make some stickers so we can get going! Check the site for more updates![/EDIT] Mmmhurm, it has been a LITTLE bit since i last updated but no matter. I haven't really got anything interesting to say atm but i DO have two new affies, Alex and Ann, please visit them! <3 Anyway...i got my L's today, about 2 years to late -sigh-...OH WELL! And before you ask, the new Avatar is of My friends (from left to right) Anna, torii and ME! yeah, we went out on Tuesday i believe and we kinds went crazy, it was a good bit of fun. Anyways, I am hoping to actually open a new art section on my website, that way i can upload my photography and just my art crap. but that means i have to make a new layout for it... which at the moment i really can't be bothered to do....you know how it is. o u o".
IT IS 41 DEGREES'C outside and i am so glad of air con :D and the fact that i don't have to go to work in it. Oh and while i remember, i have been getting affie requests lately and THANKYOU~! -- I am still accepting but PLEASE do not spam me with the same message to ask over and over again, i am not blind or stupid. thankyou ^_^
Rock on Dudes! \m/(-3-)\m/
xx erin

[] - - OLD NEWS - - []

Update 3/1/08
Metal?? \m/(^0^)\m/

OhhhhKAY. Time for another update. ^w^”. anyways, I was looking around youtube the other day and I FOUND heaps of vids from the Black Crusade (Arch Enemy, Machine Head and Trivium) 31/10/07 at Festival Hall, Melbourne. CLICK HERE!!~ NOOOWWW. I WAS THERE!! ROARRRRRRRR! God it was a great night. Machine head (HERE) were goddamned awesome “And what the FUCK! The lead guitarist is dressed as a Catholic shoolgirl with a mini skirt, hair in pigtails and sporting a pair of bazookas while blasting a V shaped rocket guitar. the base player was dressed as Steve Irwin, couldn't tell about the drummer he was hidden behind the poster boards but I could see the top of his hair that looked like a birds nest!, Robb Flynn, crud knows what he was dressed as but later he put a huge afro wig on and looked like Phil Lynot from This Lizzy, ultra cool.”
IT WAS SOLD OUT!...and indeed, “who said metal was dead??? Look at the crowd MOFO’s!”…AHEM!
And that seems to be my random babble for the day… NOW about the site… look! No updates!! Haha! Nah, I made the Purikura Pixel trading club. Now it is fully up to join and stuff. CLICKKKKKKK BELLOOOWWW!

Aurm.. I am terribly sorry if the language from one of the machine head youtube vids offends. But hey, you clicked it! Deal. Sooooooooooooo, catch you later then, I have reading for school to do.
OHHH! and yeah, i have been getting HEAPS of tags and stuff asking if i made all of the layout (namely the chick to the left)....YES! GOD DAMN IT! the WHOLE thing is made my my little hands! DeviantART. thankyou. goodnight. this "update" wasn't suppose to sound mean...no offence... LOVE YA, MATES!
Peace out! X erin